Photos Of The Grandfather Claus At His Finest

The grandfather claus is such a loveable character for friends and family alike. One of the things we would like to do is preserve his memory from generation to generation and in order to do that, we need pictures and lots of em'! Thankfully for us our good friends at Maui Family Photography have stepped up to provide us with beautiful shots of the grandfather claus himself in action. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed us and we hope to make this thing HUGE!!!!

Much love and check out our pictures below!

The Grandfather Claus Lives Another Day!

Hi All! 

We know it's been a while so we want to welcome you back!

We were recently knocked offline for awhile and it appears that some other company bought our website and was holding it from us but after the long and perilous fight, we were able to get back online.

Stay posted!

We have plenty of Christmas goodies to come!!!